5 steps for choosing the right career

5 steps for choosing the right career

If you’re not sure what career to study, here are some steps that can help you to choose a career based on your tastes and skills. First you should ask yourself what activities you enjoy the most. For example, you may like helping others, law, business, or knowing how a computer works, among others. Then, ask yourself what are your talents and skills, and how they relate to the activities you like. Before taking a decision on your career path, consider the following:

1. Tastes and abilities. To choose a career, you must separate two important concepts: tastes and abilities. If you are lucky enough that they match, much better. Remember that you devote much of your life to the profession of your choice, so it must be something you’re passionate about. Make two columns on a sheet of paper; write what you like to do in one column and your talents and abilities in the other. Draw a line lo link the skills that relate to what you like to do, so you can clarify your options by identifying the skills you have and how they relate to what you want to do.

2. Become informed. Having identified the profession that best suits your interests and skills, research everything you can about the career that catches your eye. If you can, visit an area or place where the profession you are interested in is practiced. For example, if you feel inclined to help others and are considering a career in nursing, visit a hospital and visualize yourself in that environment. Pay attention to your emotions and how you feel when you visualize yourself as a nurse.

3. Personal decision. It’s your life; only you can choose your career. People around you should respect what you choose. Of course, it is good to hear different opinions, but the ultimate decision is yours. Do not take other the examples of people exercising the same career you want to study who did very well (or poorly). Each person has different experiences.

4. Work opportunities.Find out about the labor sector and the opportunities available for graduates from the career that interests you. It is important to recognize the level of competition you may face and the opportunities that exist, without these factors diminishing your purpose. Will is power!

5. Salary. It never hurts to know the wage curve of a professional career. One thing is to choose a profession for the economic benefit and another to choose a career that you like. It is advisable to make a balance between pay and your tastes. Give each aspect a weight you consider necessary.

Choosing a career to study is a major life decision that must be considered carefully. Anyone interested in professional development must pay attention to his or her education. A college degree is the first requirement for a successful professional future nowadays.

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