Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with major in Human Services

The Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with major in Human Services gives students the knowledge, skills and abilities they need in regards to various mechanisms and processes as well as solutions used in communities that need help related to services and rights for victims of a felony, drug users, teenage lawbreakers and the inmate community in relation to their reintegration into the community. This program will prepare students to work in a variety of institutional and community contexts within the criminal justice system.

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CurriculumTuition and FeesLanguagesCareer OptionsCompetenciesProgram Details

Tuition Study level REQUIREMENTS EstimaTED COST**
Undergraduate Estimated credits
Puerto Rico and Caribbean $175 120 $22,125
(Residents outside
PR and the Caribbean)
$320* 120 $39,525

* Eligible US military students enrolled in fully on-line education programs (undergraduate) qualify for a discounted tuition rate of $275.00 per credit subject to comply with the documents required in the admissions process in accordance with the tuition and fees schedule disclosed in the current institutional catalog.

** Total estimated cost.

*** Costs vary per program.


This program is offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish

A Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice with major in Human Services from National University College will open doors to a wide variety of options in the job market.

Discover today’s demand for professionals in this area:

  • Client Services from state or federal agencies, as well as for profit or not for profit corporations assist people who suffer from substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, prisoner rehabilitation, victims of domestic violence and felonies, among others.

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(Source: : Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

Competencies that can be developed through the program:

  • Ability to effectively communicate in writing or verbally, in Spanish and English as a second language, developing creativity and sensibility.
  • Ability to critically analyze problems, taking into account cultural diversity and a variety of social scenarios by exhibiting and promoting tolerance and acceptance.
  • Capacity to apply mathematical reasoning and analysis of statistical data with the purpose of investigating, documenting and making ethical and assertive decisions.
  • Ability to integrate technology in the search and processing of information in a way that is critical, ethical and systematic, while evaluating its relevance on a personal and professional level.
  • Analyzing, applying and relating doctrines, principles, issues and judicial ordering processes to consider the nature of a felony while comparing the functioning, organization and integration of the criminal justice system in federal and state jurisdictions.
  • Applying field investigation processes to collect the necessary information from a crime scene, using data collection techniques to draft precise reports that meet with all parameters to carry out a successful criminal investigation.
  • Ability to argument in favor of the best mechanisms used to ensure natural security in topics such as terrorism, immigration, natural disasters, transportation safety, fraud, forgery and cyber security for the United States as well as unincorporated territories of the United Stated.


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