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Military Benefits

National University College – Online Division provides the soldier, his/her spouse and dependents access to completing associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees. It offers several programs authorized by the Veterans Administration, which have been designed to take into account today’s labor force demands.

Whether you are interested in advancing your career in the Armed Forces, in beginning or continuing studies to join the civil labor force, or simply in taking advantage of the study benefits provided by the GI Bill® to veterans, National University College – Online Division will offer you the necessary flexibility and portability to study at your convenience from any place and at any time through the Internet.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) manages several economic assistance programs for military and National Guard reserve personnel and their dependents.

Financial Assistance Programs for soldiers in active service, veterans and their dependents

As a member of the armed forces in active service, reserve or as a veteran, you can be eligible for educational benefits under the GI Bill® programs. Following is a summary of the different chapters of the GI Bill® with a brief description of each program. Remember that the benefits for which you will be eligible depend on your military career.

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The Tuition Assistance Program provides financial assistance to fund the voluntary education programs that support the soldier’s personal and professional self-development objectives. TA benefits are available for courses offered in the classroom and online. The courses must be offered by schools registered with GoArmyEd and be accredited by agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

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MYCAA is a financial assistance program for eligible spouses of active soldiers who are pursuing a license, certificate or associate’s degree in a professional field, which grants up to $4,000 in financial aid. It is also available for both on ground and online courses.

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