Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with major in Cyber Crimes


Future Start DateOctober 25




3 years
Following the curricular sequence

The Bachelor’s program in Criminal Justice with Major in Cyber Crimes prepares the student with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to immerse themself in the field. They will learn research management, data collection, analysis and interpretation, processes for document presentation, crime adjudication, and post-processing of cyber-crimes such as fraud, identity theft, cyber terrorism, and other computer crimes committed worldwide.

Bachelor’s Degree     School of Criminal Justice     Online Education

Outstanding Courses

  • Networks Security in Cyber Crimes
  • Applicable Law to Cyber Crimes
  • Computer Forensics
  • Criminal Investigation

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • Cyber Crime Detectives
  • Investigators for local, state and federal agencies

Program Competencies

Graduates of this program will be able to:
  • Apply theoretical and practical knowledge about the different procedures and techniques in the criminal justice field, safeguarding the due process of law.
  • Effectively communicate facts and data related to their professional field in written, verbal, or nonverbal form.
  • Solve simulated or real events andsituations, considering the nature of the crime through the application of critical and creative thinking, mathematical reasoning, and statistical data analysis.
  • Integrate technological means for research and processing reliable information in a critical,ethical, legal, and systematic manner in their professional performance.
  • Value human experiences and diversity, free of prejudice, with empathy and inclusion when practicing their profession.
  • Analyze cybercrimes, their investigation, and the processes of seizing, collection, analysis, and interpretation of digital media, document presentation, crime adjudication, and further prosecution of cybercrimes such as fraud, identity theft, cyberterrorism, and other cybercrimes committed around the world.