About NUC University

NUC University (NUC) is an institution of higher education approved by the US Department of Education to process Federal Student Aid for qualified students.

NUC, an institution dedicated to offer associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as technical-vocational programs and continuing education-courses, has been the choice for a diverse population for more than 35 years. Currently it is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and licensed by the Puerto Rico Council of Education and the Florida Commission of Independent Education (CIE).

NUC University is a university community where students receive a quality education that promotes their integral development and is enriched with an academic offering of excellence through its programs to students of most of the states of the United States.

NUC has six campuses located in Puerto Rico, an educational division in the state of Florida with six locations under the name of Florida Technical College including a specialized campus under the name of The Dave School dedicated to offer programs of Digital Animation and Visual Effects. In addition, it has 14 additional locations offering technical-vocational programs in Puerto Rico.

NUC includes distance education programs through its online division and its two distance education centers in San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Pembroke Pines (Florida). It also has a wide  online and hybrid offering from its Florida Technical College campuses. From these centers, students are served in more than 37 states of the United States.

NUC plans to continue to develop as a complete education system through new programs, new locations, new modalities and new academic levels.