Mission, Vision & Institutional Values


At National University College our goal is to develop educated individuals, entrepreneurs, competent in their professional area, with attitudes to continue learning throughout life, proud to belong to National and able to successfully integrate into the world of work to contribute effectively to the economic, social and political progress  of their environment.


To be a university community where students receive an education of excellence that promotes their continuous integral development through diverse innovative modalities.

Institutional Values


Willingness to understand and accept the different ways of acting and thinking of another human being. It is a feeling of acceptance of human diversity and the need for tolerance, kindness and compliance with the rules established to ensure harmony between human beings.

Social Commitment

Shared institutional decision to promote the social welfare of our community and of Puerto Rico by participating in the-research, orientation and solution of the pressing problems in the community, represented mainly by the students.


Moral action that allows us to assume commitments, reflect, guide and assess the consequences of our actions in the personal, community and work levels.


Permanent attitude that moves us to help another spontaneously so that it achieves its immediate or long-term objectives. This attitude is present and expressed in all areas of life


Degree of excellence with which all the actions and services of the institution, whether academic or administrative, will be carried out. As a result, the level of satisfaction will be high reflecting the acceptance of well-done efforts.


Process in continuous evolution that makes possible the increase of the competitive capacity of the institution to face the dynamics and proposals of a changing scenario.


It is the execution of a certain obligation in the agreed terms according to the requirements established by the regulatory agencies. It allows us to achieve, acquire commitments, conclude them responsibly, and act accordingly.