Employment Center

The Employment Center will help you in the job search process by providing information about available employment opportunities. Furthermore, you will be assisted in regard to preparing your résumés, job interviews, and job offers. The Employment Center is also responsible for developing relationships with potential employers.

The Employment Center will advise you on the following:

  • Preparing your résumé
  • Job interviews
  • Job offers

National University College does not guarantee job placement for any student, but it will do everything to assist students in the job search process. Some job opportunities and practicums may require students to submit themselves to a criminal background check before a student will be permitted to begin the experience at the site. Factors like criminal history or personal bankruptcy may prevent applicants from being considered for certain positions. Employment decisions are not under the institution’s control. Some programs may require additional education, licenses and/or certifications prior to hiring personnel for certain positions.  Students are encouraged to research the requirements applicable to obtaining employment in the field of their chosen program.  Certain programs are designed to provide the educational prerequisites students must complete in order to obtain required professional licensure or certification in the state or territory where the institution is located (Puerto Rico or Florida, as applicable).  Students are responsible for determining whether graduation from these programs will qualify them to obtain professional licensure or certification, or to work in the field, in other geographic areas where they live or intend to work.

Contact information: careersonline@nuc.edu | 787-331-9400 ext. 86056

*Graduates of any of National University College’s Spanish-speaking programs may encounter employment limitations due to the fact that most businesses require fluency in the English Language