Why do I have to pay even if the scholarship covers all of my tuition?

Courses at NUC University are quarterly, so the scholarship is divided into three parts, and your academic load is greater so that you may finish your degree in less time.

What would my payment plan be like?

The payment plan consists of three installments during the term to which it was assigned, which you will be able to pay throughout your study period.

What payment method alternatives do I have?

NUC University offers several payment method alternatives, such as cash, check, money order, ATM card, and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and American Express, among others). We also offer services through Banco Popular: Telepago, Mi Banca por Internet, direct debit, and online payments through the Student Services Webpage.

If I have additional aid and no debt, what happens with the remainder?

According to federal regulation, all excess payment, after having evaluated the student’s account and having covered the current academic year’s outstanding balance, and having transferred up to $200.00 to debt from previous or future academic years, will be provided to the student in a check to meet other educational expenses.

How can I know whether my remainder has arrived?

Through the Student Portal, or visiting or calling your Bursar’s Office to find out the date of receipt.

What happens if I file a total withdrawal?

Per institutional policy on the return of federal funds, the student’s enrollment must be evaluated to make the required adjustments and determine the pending balance, if any. Once the adjustment due to withdrawal is processed, you will be sent a notification as part of the process, and you should contact your campus’s Bursar’s Office to deal with the outstanding balance.

What happens if I file a withdrawal and do not pay off my outstanding balance?

Every adjustment due to withdrawal with an outstanding balance that has not been paid off will be referred to a collection agency.

What happens if I owe an outstanding balance and leave the university?

Every inactive student’s account is referred to a collection agency to collect payment. Every account referred to a collection agency increases its balance up to 30%, due to management charges.

What should I do if my account has already been referred to a collection agency?

You should contact the collection agency that sent you the notification, or contact your Bursar’s Office to obtain the contact information to pay off the debt or obtain information on the payment process.

If I finish my studies and owe a balance, can I attend the graduation ceremony?

No. According to our fiscal graduation policy, every student must have paid off any debt before being able to attend the graduation ceremony. You may reference our policy on the webpage.