Our Student Service

Our mission is to develop educated individuals who are able to successfully integrate into the world of work. The CDP is part of the development of our students from their academic beginning, providing services for their training and preparation for their future employment. Through collaborative alliances with employers and the execution of institutional programs or initiatives, we work to achieve greater employability for our students and graduates.

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to creating favorable environments for the total development of the student through different resources, programs, collaborative efforts, special projects, individual attention and support; so that it continuously adapts to your university life and generates high levels of satisfaction.

One of the services that we consider most important for our students is the academic tutoring program. Its purpose is to provide peer tutoring as an effective instructional strategy to improve the academic results of the students of our institution and thus help them to successfully complete their professional career.

NUC University offers financial assistance to students who are eligible for the programs currently administered by the Institution. The aid offered to each student is subject to the availability of funds for the specific year of each scholarship, as well as the financial need presented by each student.

The responsibility of the Collection Office is to guide you step by step in what is your best investment, your studies. Our priority is to offer you an attractive financial plan aimed at helping you cover your financial needs throughout your university life.

NUC University Online Division has a team of technology experts to assist you in your online learning experience. You can reach a technical support representative by phone by calling 1 -(844) 946-2020.

Canvas is a modern, easy-to-use, reliable, scalable, cloud-based Learning Management System that fits the needs of our teachers and students today, helping to drive innovation in teaching.

What does Canvas offer us?
Ease of use is one of the main benefits that Canvas offers to teachers and students. The platform has a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates the creation and exchange of content, providing easy-to-use tools that improve teaching-learning processes.

What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?  Click here.

What are the browsers that Canvas supports? Click here.

NUC University Online Division has a Virtual Library where you will find a variety of bibliographic resources to meet the information needs of the academic community.
The virtual library has databases, statistics, reference sources, search engines, newspapers and theses are some of the electronic resources you will have access to. We invite you to explore this site and the services it offers so that you can move forward in your academic management.

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