Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with major in Human Resources


Future Start DateOctober 25




3 years
Following the curricular sequence

The Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration with major in Human Resources qualifies the student with the required knowledge, skills and abilities to work in the administration and management of the Human Resources in global and local companies. It also prepares the student to perform the planning, organization, leadership and administrative functions in the Human Resources in a strategic way and according to the company objectives.

Bachelor’s Degree     School of Business    Online Education

Outstanding Courses

  • Business Conflict Mediation
  • International Labor Law
  • Fundamentals of Business Coaching
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Recruitment and Selection

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • HR Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • HR Coordinator
  • HR Representative
  • Payroll and Benefits Specialist
  • Recruiter
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Security Compliance and Recruitment Specialist
  • Personnel Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Compensation and Benefits Administrator
  • HR Consultant

Program Competencies

The graduate student will develop the following skills:
  • Analytical Skills
    The ability to manage human resources strategically and solve problems to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization.
  • Change and Organizational Behavior
    The ability to develop skills and supervision, evaluation and conflict mediation strategies.
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Diversity
    The ability to develop global awareness and its application in human resources to strengthen the company with a multicultural workforce that will produce benefits for the organization and the society.
  • Professional
    The ability to assume professional and ethical attitude to responsibly handle the legal aspects related to human resources management.
  • Digital Competency
    The ability to integrate technology and computer science in developing plans for recruitment, selection and staff development, aligned with organizational needs.