Bachelor’s Degree in Network Technology and Applications Development

A Bachelor’s in Network Technology and Applications Development will help a student develop skills and knowledge in technology areas aligned with the demands of the current job market. Graduates will be able to work in either the public or private sector. They will acquire advanced knowledge in the architecture, administration, diagnosis, maintenance of communication networks and the management, repair, configuration and programming of computers. They will become familiar with network auditing and security principles while preparing the configuration of Internet communication protocols. In addition, they could apply fundamental skills and techniques that allow them to design and create applications in different environments and to use different tools for Web design and e-commerce.

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National University College – Online Division offers the following technology programs:

› Associate’s Degree in Network Technology and Application Development
Bachelor’s in Network Technology and Web App Development

Tuition Study level REQUIREMENTS EstimaTED COST**
Undergraduate Estimated credits
Puerto Rico and Caribbean $175 120 $22,125
(Residents outside
PR and the Caribbean)
$320* 120 $39,525

* Eligible US military students enrolled in fully on-line education programs (undergraduate) qualify for a discounted tuition rate of $275.00 per credit subject to comply with the documents required in the admissions process in accordance with the tuition and fees schedule disclosed in the current institutional catalog.

** Total estimated cost.

*** Costs vary per program.


This program is offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish

A Bachelor’s Degree in Network Technology and Applications Development from National University College will open doors to a variety of job options in the marketplace.

  • Systems Analyst Assistant
  • Computing Center Technician
  • Database Administrator and Designer
  • Computer Network Administrator
  • Webpage Designer
  • Evaluate and recommend tech equipment
  • Configure operating systems
  • Computer Diagnostic and Repair

Discover today’s demand for professionals in this area:

  • Webpage Designers
  • Local Network Administrators
  • IT Systems Auditors
  • Web App Programmers
  • IT Service Assistant

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(Source: : Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

Competencies that can be developed through the program:

  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing, in both English and Spanish, developing their creativity and sensibility towards developing assertive communications.
  • Offer critical analysis in regards to economic, sociological, ethical and political problems from today’s world to contribute to society and improve quality of life.
  • Configure hardware resources of a computer through an operating system to manage different programs, such as: word processing, spread sheets and databases.
  • Design, program and develop applications for the creation and publication of web pages.
  • Configure, install and maintain networks to offer support to a company’s telecommunication systems.
  • Design, administer and maintain databases, using structured language to effectively organize information.
  • Security auditing of information systems to recommend action plans to be used in the decision making process or to solve problems in modern companies.

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