Office of Student Affairs

All of us who work in the Office of Student Affairs for the Online Division are committed to creating environments favorable to the total development of the student through different resources, programs, collaborative efforts, special projects, individual attention and support; so that it continuously adapts to your university life and generates high levels of satisfaction to complete your studies at NUC University – Online Division.

Orientation and Counseling

We are committed and willing to collaborate with you on the new route that you decided to undertake. As a new student to the Online, Transfer or Regular Division, you are offered the necessary support to facilitate your emotional, academic, personal and professional development. We prepare activities according to your needs. We guide you on academic progress, individual and group counseling within a framework of confidentiality.

Guidance and personal counseling services are intended to help you:

  • Get you to adapt more quickly to university life by promoting healthy lifestyles in a comfortable environment.
  • So that you can set personal goals and obtain the necessary support so that you can achieve them.
  • May you identify your abilities and limitations for your benefit and that of your fellow man.
  • Direct you to look for alternatives to situations that are affecting the achievement of your goals.
  • That you can learn to work and manage conflicts that affect your emotional and environmental or social stability. Coordinate services with community resources according to your particular need.
  • Get you to learn proper study habits to ensure success.
  • Understand how the decision to fail or drop a course can affect your goal. (Academic Progress)

Reasonable accommodation service

NUC University enforces the laws that protect our students with disabilities. These are section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA (American with Disabilities Act). Reasonable accommodation is known as any modification or adjustment in employment or study environment, which allows the student with a disability to carry out essential functions in the university setting. It is important that you report the need for reasonable accommodation in order to safeguard your rights and facilitate your studies at NUC University – Online Division.

Special projects

In the Office of Special Projects all matters related to proposals from different consortia are channeled. If you want to belong to the WIOA Program “Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act” you must visit the Consortium of the town where you reside, for orientation and evaluation of the services they offer.

Values area

University community on the importance of promoting these values ​​ by modeling and practicing them. In the network of social crisis promulgated by the media, we become indifferent and stop practicing values, which are nothing other than those principles that allow us to guide our behavior in terms of realizing ourselves as people.