Associate Degree in Leadership in Public Security




2 years
Following the curricular sequence

The Associate Degree Program in Leadership in Public Safety will train the student in decision-making and integration of the various areas that make up public security and the criminal justice system. Also, the student will examine the components and processes carried out in public security agencies, as well as the policies that regulate them.

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Outstanding Courses

  • Awareness and Outreach in Self Defense
  • Human and Civil Rights
  • Evidence
  • Foundations of Criminal Law
  • Introduction to Organization and Administration in Justice
  • Criminal and Public Safety
  • Special Criminal Laws
  • Leadership, Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Emergency Management (Basic)
  • Rules of Criminal Procedure

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • Official in different institutions such as the system of 911 emergencies, management of emergencies and management disasters, law and order agents, among others.

Program Competencies

Graduates of this program will be able to:
  • Apply theoretical and practical knowledge in their professional performance as public officials and first responders.
  • Propose solutions to facts and simulated or real situations, taking into account the nature of the situation through the application of critical and creative thinking, mathematical reasoning and the analysis of statistical data.
  • Communicate ideas, orally and in writing, assertively and effectively while serving as public officials and first responders.
  • Identify the technological means for the search and processing of reliable information in a critical, ethical, legal and systematic way in their professional performance.
  • Demonstrate individual or collaborative work skills, with a high sense of responsibility, compliance with the law and ethical judgment, in an empathetic, inclusive and prejudice-free manner in the exercise of their duties as first responders.

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