Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Business Intelligence


Future Start DateOctober 25




3 years
Following the curricular sequence

The Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Administration with major in Business Intelligence, prepares the student with the basic knowledge and skills to gather, extract, analyze and visualize data. Transforming this data into valuable knowledge, will help students to develop and implement integral solutions within the company. This will allow the creation of plans that will help the organizations in reaching their goals and objectives.

Bachelor’s Degree     School of Business     Online Education

Outstanding Courses

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Business Analytics
  • Applications for Business Analysis”

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • Information Systems Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Managers
  • Business Systems Developers
  • Business Intelligence Engineer

Program Competencies

Graduates of this program will develop the following competencies:
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral form, in English as a second language and in Spanish, while developing creativity and sensibility toward assertive communication.
  • Critically analyze the economics, sociological, ethical and political problems in the modern world, thus contributing to society and improving the quality of life.
  • Manage business data ethically and responsibly.
  • Use applications for the extraction, transformation, and visualization of data through dynamic tables and graphs that help organize, analyze, and create reports for people who are interested within and outside the organization.
  • Use MS Excel and other analyzing tools to create data models and turn them into valuable information.
  • Apply web analytics to maximize the value of a business, measure client traffic, and evaluate the behavior of users who visit a website.