Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with major in Finance





3 years
Following the curricular sequence

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with major in Finance provides students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform an analysis of a company’s financial position, which allows top management to make strategic decisions with the purpose of optimizing financial resources. Additionally, it prepares students in the fields of risk, insurance, personal finances, bank administration and investments.

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Outstanding Courses

  • Financial Management
  • Financial Markets
  • Personal Finance
  • Fundamentals of Investments
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Money and Banking

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Officer
  • Account Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Personal Finance Consultant

Program Competencies

Graduates will develop the following competencies:
  • Interpret the basic financial statements of a company to express an informed opinion about its financial information.
  • Examine activities that take place within the financial industry to present options and recommendations that contribute to the strategic plan of the company.
  • Analyze risks companies are exposed to, in order to identify alternatives to manage them.
  • Use verbal and written communication skills effectively and efficiently in a professional setting, adapted to the communication style of a finance department.
  • Examine the economic, cultural, social and political environment of companies, in order to develop plans and financial policies that lead to recommending ethical solutions to financial problems.
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