Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with major in Project Management





3 years
Following the curricular sequence

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with major in Project Management provides students with the skills and competencies necessary to strategically plan the scope, time, costs, resources and quality of a project, taking preventive measures to manage risk. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to lead simulated projects in all their phases: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure. Furthermore, it provides students with tools to develop knowledge in business administration, which will help them to face economic, social and political challenges of the workplace. This program is aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.

Bachelor’s Degree     School of Business     Online Education

Outstanding Courses

  • Cost and Time Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Technology for Project Management
  • Project Communications and Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management Seminar”

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • Project Manager
  • Project Manager Assistant
  • Project Management Consultant
  • Manager
  • Project Supervisor
  • Senior Project Manager

Program Competencies

Graduates will develop the following competencies:
  • Apply their knowledge and skills to plan, organize, manage and control projects in private and public industries or companies.
  • Develop skills in project management so they can comply with time, cost and scope
  • Apply principles of risk and quality management when managing a project.
  • Use verbal and written communication skills effectively and efficiently in a professional setting, adapted to the communication style of a project manager.
  • Examine the economic, cultural, social and political environment of a company, in order to develop projects that comply with the strategic objectives of the organization.