Master’s Degree in Education with specialty in Assessment and Effectiveness




1 year
Following the curricular sequence

The Master’s Degree in Education with Specialty in Assessment and Effectiveness aims to develop competent leaders in their profession, capable of designing and implementing evaluation plans for assessments of the learning outcomes and aspects concerning the effectiveness of the academic process. In addition, it prepares the students with the skills, concepts and attitudes necessary to support the continuous improvement of institutions by assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of their educational and organizational processes.

Master’s Degree     School of Education     Online education

Outstanding Courses

  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Evaluation of the Teaching-Learning Process
  • Fundamentals of Assessment and Effectiveness
  • Effectiveness in Higher Education
  • Assessment of Educational Programs and Systems
  • Grade Project Seminar

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • Teaching Specialist in Public and Private Institutions
  • Educational Consultant
  • Educational Assessment Department Supervisor or Coordinator
  • Conference Speaker
  • Specialist in Development and Management of Educational Project

Program Competencies

The student will be able to:
  • Apply critical, reflective, and creative thinking skills when doing research, as well as find and apply quantitative and qualitative tools for evaluating and solving problems related to the profession.
  • Evaluate educational programs for planning, developing and implementing the assessment processes that result in continuous improvement and the achievement of the educational goals of any educational organization.
  • Apply effective assessment strategies and techniques for the purpose of advising and guiding organizations in the improvement of educational programs for achieving the academic success of the student.
  • Develop assessment plans that facilitate making decisions related to the evaluation of learning results and effectiveness.
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