Doctorate in Business Administration with Specialization in Strategic Management




3.5 year
Following the curricular sequence

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program with a specialization in strategic Management will prepare students in formulating, implementing, and ontrolling business strategies within an organization. They will apply strategies for analyzing the challenges that companies face today, such as strategic management of information systems and financial and market decisions that support corporate strategy. Likewise, students will develop critical skills to lead teams within companies, superior skills for strategic management, and profound knowledge of theory and applied research in business. Program graduates will be able to work in high-level leadership positions in private corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. In addition, they will be able to work as organizational consultants or university professors.

Outstanding Courses

  • Strategic Financial Analysis
  • Business Innovation Management
  • Global Strategic Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Organizational Leadership
  • Information Systems Strategic Management
  • Dissertation Seminar
  • Dissertation I & II

Possible Employment Opportunities

  • High-level leadership positions in private corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies.
  • Organizational consultants
  • University professor

Program Competencies

Graduates of this program will be able to:
  • Apply theories and tools of business administration to complex business problems in a critical and creative manner, allowing for decision-making that brings value to
    the organization.
  • Integrate technology and reliable information resources for the collection and analysis of data that support strategic decision-making and the defense of their research work.
  • Exhibit high-level communication skills, both orally and in writing, expressing their views clearly in complex situations. Apply the scientific methodology of research in their statements and proposals for strategic attention to business problems.
  • Value the ethical and legal principles of strategic leaders in decision-making, as well as the sensitivity leading to the recognition of diversity in an environment free of
    discriminatory practices in a globalized world.

Continuation Courses

The Doctorate in Business Administration with Specialty in Strategic Management program requires successful completion of all required courses and meeting graduation requirements. Generally, students will need to complete continuation courses. Continuation courses are research/dissertation courses that allow students to continue to work on their dissertation until the doctoral dissertation defense is approved or the maximum time to complete the program is met. Students who take continuation courses will extend the time to complete their program and will incur additional tuition and fees, as published in the catalog.

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